Welcome to America ROBERT®!

From Denmark with Love. Three days ago two ROBERT® Robots left Denmark for their new home in hospitals in Texas and New Jersey. Welcome to America ROBERT® It won’t be long before a whole family of ROBERT® Robots will be servicing patients here in North America. ROBERT® is a product of LSR Life Science Robots of Denmark in cooperation with Extreme Therapy Systems LLC Houston, Texas. FDA Registered.

ROBERT® is going to America!

ROBERT® and ETS will actively start to support hospitals in Houston, Texas at the end of April 2020 with rehabilitation of paralyzed patients and patients who need to regain their muscle power. Focus right now is on how to rescue the COVID-19 patients and how ROBERT® can help with that task as it reduces the physical contact between patient and health care professional.

Nic Orr, President of ETS – Extreme Therapy Systems

16/01/2020 What a wonderful achievement – ROBERT® is going to America! We just sold 2 units of ROBERT® to our local distributor in Texas, Nic Orr. After his visit in January 2020 and signing the contract, we can announce a great and promising start in the new year. Nic is our local distributor in the United States and President of ETS – Extreme Therapy Systems.

With his enthusiasm and great connections we are certain that ROBERT® will be a great success in America. Starting with distribution in Texas, we are looking forward to a great start in the whole American market!